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Introducing Speaker and Master of Ceremonies


Many events are, honestly, BORING! It's time to liven them up with someone who is energetic and can keep your event "moving," mixed with laughter, sprinkled with wisdom, and help you reach the goal of your evening. 

A Word from Pro-Life Advocate, Abby Johnson

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About Scott

Scott is unapologetically Christian. His faith is the driving force behind everything he does. He believes there is a difference between "Joy' and "Happiness." Joy comes from something that is eternal while Happiness is very temporary and fleeting. He loves to bring JOY to every event in which he participates. 

He's authored two books, with is first reaching number six on Amazon: IF MY BODY IS A TEMPLE, THEN I WAS A MEGACHURCH. His follow-up book, I AM NOT MY OWN-JUST ASK MY WIFE, is a faith-based, 42-day devotional for individuals.


If your event is a fundraising event for a specific cause, then Scott is the person you want to navigate your night! One of his gifts in addition to bringing a smile to people's face is getting them to open up their hearts and their wallets to your cause. 

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If you are a corporation looking for more than an Emcee for your event, then you should consider Scott Davis. As a CLEAN Comedian and author, he can address issues with your employees such as, "JOY: Patriarch of the Heart," and "Just Let Me Drive: A Balance of Control. 

Along with these topics, he's also a sought after clean comedian if you are just looking for an hour of entertainment to encourage and bring laughter to your troops. Sometimes that is the best medicine more than any other subject.

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Contact Me


PO Box 1088 | Ellenwood, GA 30294  |  Tel: 866-880-7901

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