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Finally, a devotional book that plumbs the deep truths of God's precious Word while also tickling your funny bone!

What makes popular Christian humorist Scott Davis so funny is that he throws off pretense and embraces his ample humanity. His latest book offers an honest glimpse of his career on the road and all its mishaps, misunderstandings, and missteps. And then there's the Missus...

Scott unveils the personal in his personal life to help the truths of Scripture come alive in this six-week devotional book full of comedy and keen insights. You will laugh, but you will also learn something you never knew before. 

Just when you think the boy ain't got much sense, he shares something that unexpectedly pierces your heart and lightens your burden. The belly laughs are deep - but so is the wisdom. 



Perfect for individual Bible study, Sunday School curriculum, Christian School Bible class, or Small Group study. 

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Joe Emert

Founder/President,, Atlanta, GA

Bill Gaither is a "local artist"... from Alexandria, Indiana! Everyone is from somewhere and we are blessed to have Scott Davis as our very own "local artist" from right here in Georgia. His nationwide ministry and much of his humor take root and grow in Southern dirt! Several years ago, during one of the early morning on-air sessions we have with Scott, the idea of his radio program, "MONDAY MOOD CHANGER," was given birth. Those short, sweet and hard to beat radio features help many of our listeners each Monday as they start their work week. And, many of those humorous and encouraging thoughts for radio listeners have ended up in these pages. Scott has a lot to say to us! Let's listen and be encouraged!

Dr. Tim Dowdy

Lead Pastor, Eagle's Landing Church, McDonough, GA

I believe one of the great tools of the Devil and burdens of the flesh is being distracted from the things that matter most. We all know that we are strengthened in our faith when we are consistent in our devotional life of prayer and bible study but “things” distract us and take our attention away from the daily discipline of walking with God. That is why I am excited to recommend a wonderful devotional book designed to encourage us in our daily walk written by Scott Davis. Scott and I have been friends for years and I have the privilege of serving with Scott at our church home. Through humor and personal stories Scott points us back to the boundless joy of knowing Jesus and walking through each day resting in the life that he provides. This book will inspire you because at its heart is the hope we find in the love of God.

Babbie Mason

Dove-award winning, Grammy-nominated Singer/Songwriter/Author

I've known Scott since the beginning. He is a master communicator.  When he speaks you'll laugh, cry and sing. But you'll definitely be encouraged to fall in love with Jesus a whole lot more. He is side-splitting funny, real, relevant and loves to share hope to his audiences... You'll really be encouraged when you read this book!

Mark Lowry

Dove & Grammy Winning Singer/Songwriter/Author

Scott Davis is not only funny, he's pretty deep. If you want a devotional that doesn't take too long to read and you know words with more than three syllables, I invite you to read this one.

Pete Chagnon

Former Morning Show Radio Host

Check out my friend Scott Davis new book! As a former morning radio host, you create a short list of really great go-to guests... ones that feel like old friends on the radio, even though you haven't known each other that long. Scott was one of these folks. Always enjoyed our time on the air that was filled with much laughter. We both had a vision to "redeem" Mondays and you will catch that vision through this book and his radio feature heard across the USA!

Ryan Garrett

Student Pastor, Church of the Apostles, Atlanta, GA 

Scott Davis is the real deal. Out of everything I could say about Scott, the word committed stands out the most. He’s committed to his family, his ministry, and most of all, Jesus. I have no doubt that you will be encouraged by Scott's humor and wisdom as he shares his heart in this devotional!

Marc Ivey

Worship Pastor/Concert Artist, Trinity Church, Jacksonville, FL

I have been a worship pastor now for six years. That’s not very long at all but long enough to experience life with those of whom I lead. I have seen desperation, hurt, pain, and loss. I have experienced the sudden death of choir members from car accidents and walked the rough trail of cancer with others. It has been difficult to say the least. I have also seen and experienced God wrap his loving arms around our ministry and bring great comfort to our souls. Scott Davis’ book, “I Am Not My Own” highlights this truth from God’s word. He is our comforter and “sees” us as we traverse this journey called life. I recommend every pastor, no matter of calling, to read this book and use it liberally in their ministering to others. Thank you Scott for writing about and explaining the simple truths of God our father and Lord.

Billy Lord

Worship Arts Pastor, Eagle's Landing Church, McDonough, GA

Scott's ability to make people laugh is no surprise...he’s been doing it for years. But his ability to take you deeper in your walk with the Lord may (surprise you). This devotional book will do just that and Scott's unique way of helping us laugh while we learn makes the journey a little more enjoyable.  I have known Scott for years and we have walked with each other through some of our most difficult life events. He is a true friend and I believe you’ll see that genuine heart through the pages of this book."

Phil Disney

Founder/President, SOW International and Bibles-4-Children

I have been friends with Scott Davis for nearly 40 years. He has an enduring relationship with Jesus that is evident in his commitment to sharing Christ with those who don’t. I have never been to one of his concerts where there were not several people who made decisions to follow Jesus. His devotional book oozes with good, practical, and spiritual insight. You will laugh and become inspired at the same time! 

David Hill

Senior Pastor, Second Baptist Church, Griffin, GA

For over 30 years I have known Scott Davis. I have found in this man a love for the Lord, the Gospel, and the people of God.  Scott has faithfully used the God-given gifts of music and humor to encourage the church and share Christ. His new book, "I Am Not My Own," is a new facet in the ministry of Scott Davis that will bring both hope and joy to your heart. 

Walker Armstrong

Executive Director, Pilot Mountain Baptist Association, North Carolina

Scott Davis has a unique gift of blending the humorous, everyday experiences with encouraging insights from God’s Word. Let this collection of funny stories and life-shaping truths lighten your load and bless your soul.

James Adcock

Pastor, Bible Baptist Church, Knox, IN

Scott Davis has a unique gift of blending the humorous, everyday experiences with encouraging insights from God’s Word. Let this collection of funny stories and life-shaping truths lighten your load and bless your soul.

About The Authors

SCOTT DAVIS is a graduate of Liberty University and has traveled the world for more than 30 years bringing hope through hilarity. Through his comedy concert events, music, and conference speaking, he's had the opportunity to see thousands come to Christ. His weekly radio program, "The Monday Mood Changer," is heard on stations throughout the United States. Scott and his wife Donna make their home in Atlanta, where they are active members of Eagle's Landing First Baptist Church. They have one daughter and four grandchildren. 

TIM LUKE serves as executive pastor of Eagle's Landing First Baptist Church, where he has been on staff for more than 18 years after serving as editor of InTouch Magazine at InTouch Ministries in Atlanta. Tim and his wife, Karen, have two sons: Jacob, and J.P.

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