What Scott Does

Sweet Life Dessert Comedy Theatre (Outreach Oriented)

People LOVE Desserts and LOVE to Laugh! A unique church or community outreach event that is specifically designed to provide church goers an opportunity to invite their lost or unchurched friends, co-workers, relatives, neighbors, or classmates. Many church double or triple their attendance (over what they normally run on a Sunday morning) for this event. 30%-40% of those attending this event are new to the church. Most churches end up paying nothing for this event and many actually make money on this event! For MORE INFO & VIDEOS

Hope Through Hilarity Solo Comedy/Music Events
(Church & Believer Oriented)

Sometimes people just need to laugh! Throughout the year, churches like to have something unique, different and fun for things such as Volunteer Appreciation Banquets, Men's Conferences, Ladies' Events, Fund-Rasing Concerts, Valentine Banquets, Single's Events, Christmas & Thanksgiving Concerts, Staff Appreciation Dinners, Summer Concert Series, College Convocation, or maybe just something different for a Saturday night or Sunday night church concert. Scott's unique blend of humor and music is a favorite for these types of occasions. Call today to learn how you can schedule Scott for something different! Or you can fill out the form for more information!